Langara rapper getting ready to release new EP

Tobias Ramage during the Guilt&Co. open mic night on Mar. 26. Photo by LAURA BROUGHAM

Social work and rapping may seem like polar opposites, but it’s all part of one Langara student’s life.

Tobias Ramage is a second-year social work student by day, and rapper by night. His artist name is NamedTobias. and is currently looking to release his next EP by the end of summer, and it will consist of three songs.

“The theme is, I wanna say strength,” said Ramage. “The title is the Blood Work, so I believe that like the blood of Jesus, in terms of him dying for our sins, can, cover us, make us pure, and we can shoot for the stars.”


Although God is an inspiration for his songs, Ramage tries to make his music mostly positive, rather than just religious.

“I try my best not to make my music preachy,” Ramage said. “It’s more so my belief and my stance and all my music is more so positive motivating type music.”


Eyren Uggenti, a rapper by the name of Somethin’ Like That, performed with Ramage on Sunday at Guilt and Co. during Emotions open mic night, and has collaborated with Ramage previously. He said Ramage brings a lot to a team, and is his favourite collaboration to date.

“To date, he’s my favourite collaboration that I’ve experienced as an artist,” Uggenti said. “His focus and his eye and ear for music and the pursuit of music has been really really constructive, on the part of us progressing through both the Vancouver hiphop scene, and the even broader scene outside of the city.”

Different approach to rap

Sarah-Audrey Mome, a freelance stylist, is a fan of Ramage, and said he has a different way of approaching hip-hop, which is one of the things that draws her to his music.

“I like Tobias’ music because he takes a fresh take on what it means to be hip-hop and what it means to rap about struggles,” said Mome. “He just tries to sound like himself, and I really appreciate that about him.”


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