Langara Falcons new women’s soccer head coach

VANCOUVER BC; FEBRUARY 6 2017 – – Rachael Pelat was announced as the new Langara Falcons women’s soccer coach on Jan 27. Photo by LAURA BROUGHAM


Langara Falcons have signed former student Rachael “Rae” Pelat as the head coach of the women’s soccer team.

The announcement was made on Jan. 27, following the announcement that former coach Ryan Birt would be stepping down after 16 years with the team. Pelat played for the Falcons’ from 2004-2007, which were successful years for the team.

Between now and the start of the season in September, Pelat is hoping to get the team together regularly, to get to know them better, and to bond as a team.

“Getting them together is a big priority right now,” said Pelat. “I don’t know who the leaders are, or what their personalities are like off the field, on the field, those are all things that are important to me to know as a coach.”

Last season the team lost the bronze medal game in the PACWEST provincial game.

Good role model for Falcons

Jake McCallum, director of athletics and intramurals, believes that Pelat will be a good person for the team to look up to, and thinks her coaching past will be a good example.

“She’ll be a great role model,” said McCallum. “She’s coached everywhere from [under eight to under 18], and then as well at the college level. I think that’s great for [the team] to see, you start work at a certain level and kind of work your way up”

Jake McCallum; Director of Athletics and Intrmurals

Sydney Bell, captain of the women’s soccer team, said the team is looking forward to working with Pelat, and are excited about the opportunity to work with a female head coach.

“None of us have had a female head coach before, so it’s a good change,” said Bell. “Everyone is very excited to have [Pelat] as a coach, and can’t wait until the season starts.”

Sydney Bell; Langara women’s soccer captain

Pelat hopes to always push the women’s soccer team to the best of their abilities.

“I’m passionate about the game and about them succeeding,” said Pelat. “Challenging themselves, on the field, off the field, always wanting to be better.”


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